Best Chainsaw Reviews and Guides

Chainsaw – Its Uses, Techniques and Maintenance

A chainsaw or chain saw is basically a portable mechanical machine in the form of a saw which is used for different purposes. This mechanical device is mainly powered by different ways and it is run by using electricity, compressed air, hydraulic power and most commonly and frequently by a two stoke engine. There are different companies in the world that are manufacturing different models of chainsaw. All the models of these mechanical machines vary from each other depending upon the working capabilities and the capacity of the engine. They are manufactured in different parts of the world and during last five to six years, the use of chainsaw has been increased considerably.

Uses of Chainsaw

There are different types of chainsaw that are designed according to the usage of this mechanical device. This mechanical device is used in different types of activities including the tree felling, limbing, bucking, pruning. This device is mainly used by expert persons normally referred as tree surgeons. They use this mechanical machine in order to fell trees and to remove branches and foliage. In addition to this, this device is also sued by tree surgeons to fell snags and to help in cutting firebreaks in wildland fire. Moreover, this mechanical machine is also used in harvesting the firewood. In different parts of the world, there are specialized chainsaw specialists who use this device for cutting concrete. In some parts of the world, the chainsaws are also used fro cutting the ice and this happens more commonly in Finland.

Design and Shape of Chainsaws

The chainsaws normally consist of following parts:

Engine – The engine in almost all chainsaws is of two stroke natures and is run by using gasoline.

Drive Mechanism – This is second part of the chainsaws which is typically a centrifugal clutch.

Cutting Chain – The cutting chain is considered as an important part of this mechanical device. Each segment of this chain provides sharp cutting teeth. Each tooth is made of chromium plated steel. The left handed and right handed teeth are alternated in the chain.

These are considered the essential parts of the chainsaws. But during last three or fours, significant improvements have been made in order to make the chainsaw device as more secure. There inventions have saved many lives and in addition to this these improvements in this device have also saved the individuals from different injuries. Some of the important improvements in this device include the chainbrake systems, better chain design and anti-vibration systems. During past recent years the chainsaw carving has become more popular and now the chainsaw manufacturers are focusing on making short, narrow tipped bars for carving.

Precautionary Measures to Use the Chainsaw

The use of this mechanical device requires proper care and attention and slight negligence during using this machines can lead to serious injuries. There are different user guides that are available for using this device. But despite different safety features, injuries are still arising from using this machine. These injuries may arise due to the different factors including the large forces involved in the work, fast movement of this device and due to the vibration and noise of the machinery. There are different types of research studies that have clearly shown the fact that the use of hand held machines including the chainsaw may cause vibrate white finger, tinnitus or industrial deafness problems.

In short, we can that there are different types of risks which are associated with the use of this machine. Therefore in order to avoid the above mentioned injuries and risks, protective clothing must be used while using this machine. The protective clothing may include the chainsaw boots, chainsaw trousers and hearing protectors. In some parts of the world, proper license and training is required in order to run this machine. In some cases, the injuries may also arise due to poor maintenance of this machine or while attempting to cut the inappropriate material. Another important risk which is associated while using this machine is that the operator of this mechanical machine is exposed to harmful and dangerous carbon monoxide gas and in order to protect from this gas the operators should use chainsaw masks.

Leading Chainsaws Reviews and Comparison

The use of chainsaws has been increased considerably over the past three to five years. There are different companies in the world that are providing different models of chainsaws. All the models of the chainsaws have been blessed with different important and latest features. When there comes the question of cutting hard trees or limbs and cutting them into firewood then there is only single solution and this solution is to get help from chainsaws. This mechanical machine has been designed in a way that it can perform hard tasks easily and smoothly. This machine is basically loud, oily and has some sort of smell. This machine helps a lot the chainsaw operators as it has created ease for them. With the help of this machine, the chainsaw operators can perform heavy duty work in the shortest period of time.

As we mentioned earlier that there are different companies in the world that introduced different models of chainsaws and all these models of chainsaws have been blessed with different important features. They vary from each other depending upon the specification and features. Today, these machines have become easy to use and operate. In the same these machines are well-mannered now and their maintenance bears no headaches. We have selected the point of discussion to describe you about some leading chainsaws that have been used frequently across the world by chainsaws operators. At the beginning we will give you brief you introduction of these machines made by different manufacturers and at the end we will present you a comparative chart about their features and specifications.

1. Echo CS-600P Review

Echo is a well reputed brand in the field of chainsaw manufacturing. This is famous across the world due to its simple features and specifications. It’s the slogan of the company; “Echo is known for simple, intuitive outdoor power equipment”. The performance of this device is quite amazing and satisfactory. This device has an on/off toggle switch which helps in its smooth working. Similarly this device has a clearly visible decompression valve. The users of this device can also find a large knob on its air-cleaner cover. All these things make this device more comfortable and portable. Most of the users of this device have opinion like this; “they just build good, honest equipment and chainsaws and we are satisfied with the performance of this mechanical machine”. The Echo CS-600P has a powerful engine that operates well with the help of a broad torque curve. This powerful engine makes it possible to cut heavy things, trees and limbs more easily.

2. Husqvarna 455 Rancher Review

The Husqvarna 455 rancher is also a powerful chainsaw that has been designed by keeping in view the needs and demand of the customers. Its powerful engine of about 55.5 CC helps a lot the chainsaw operators to cut the tough and stiff trees and limbs in to small parts easily. With 20 inches bar length and about 17.4 pounds weight has made it more beautiful and portable and it can be easily held and kept due to both these features. The system of airflow to engine is well designed and it uses ducts that channel clear air to evacuate exhaust gases during the ushering in a separate air-fuel mixture. Most of the users of this device have appreciated about this device due to improved and enhanced features and specifications. This saw comes fully assembled and is also backed by one year after sales warranty. This chain-brake level of this device is also at comfort position. Many of the chainsaws operators prefer toll-free access to the filter and luckily this device also has this feature as well.

3. Jonsered CS2159 C Review

Like other devices, this chainsaw also comes equipped with different important features and specifications. This device has been designed in a way that it can perform different heavy tasks without additional fatigue and effort. This powerful device has smooth engine of 56.5 CC capacity. This mechanical machine has 20 inches bar length and this thing makes this machine more users friendly. The weight of this device is about 17.6 pounds and due to this feature it does not put extra burden on the chainsaw operators. This chainsaw also has the hard-charging power with good balance and a slim body. The clip which is present on the air-filter cover is easy to remove and it also provides and gives good access to the top of the engine. This device has one drawback and it is about removing this device when the users have cold or wet hands.

4. Solo 656 Review

This mechanical saw has 18 inches long bar length. This device has proved itself well during certain testing phases. This device can perform well while performing mild range activities. During the testing phase, this device magnified its impressive power-to-weight ratio. Among some of its main attributes, the important includes the slim body, light weight and powerful engine. The access to the air filter system is easy and users can find it easily. The 18 inches long bar length makes its working smoother. This device is also helpful for cutting the tress and limbs in awkward sawing positions. This device has only one drawback and it is about the leakage of the oil in the gap between the front of the handle and the body of the saw. As a whole, the performance of this device is on the satisfactory side.

5. Stihl MS 290 Farm Boss

Like other devices that are already available in the market, this chainsaw has also been blessed with different important and latest features. This product is number one selling of Stihl across the world. It has been designed and manufactured in a way that it meets the needs and demands of the almost all chainsaw operators. The most important thing about this device is that its manufacturer makes its own bar and chain, engine and most of the other components. The air filter system of this device is quite amazing. Many saws that are already available in the market follow the airflow pattern that takes out the worst of the debris before it gets anywhere near the air filter. The engine of this device is also very powerful that makes it possible to cut hard trees and limbs into small parts easily.

6. Husqvarna 240e Review

This chainsaw is also included among the best sold chainsaws across the world. Like other devices that are available in the market, this device too has many important and latest features. Its starting process is quite easy and the chainsaws operators can use this smoothly and easily. Due to less weight and strong grip to hold, this device puts no extra burden on the chainsaws operators. Its starter handle is larger enough for a glove hand. This is a reasonably fast saw with good vibration isolation at the handles.

7. Poulan PP3516AVX Review

The Poulan PP3516AVX is also considered as a powerful chainsaw and it has also been included in the list most frequently selling brand of the world. This chainsaw offers a lot of cutting speed and at the same time it is quite inexpensive. Its tool-free chain-tensioning device is the easiest to use.